Increasing Safety by Innovation

Innovation brings about a variety of valuable ideas such as environmental design and economic efficiencies.

Out of these, our highest priority is “Safety.”

Starting with providing safe products, and including the ultimate safety of automatic operational systems, we are making full use of innovation in terms of safety to find ways of bringing the best value to our customers.

On-site Operational Safety

Providing a very safe product is a manufacturer's most basic responsibility. On top of meeting all of the latest international standards and regulations, we deliver products with exceptional safety features that are unsurpassed by other competitors to our customers.

At the same time, our goal is to improve safety through innovation to such a level that we can help our customers realize on-site operations as they should be.

Activities to improve on-site operational safety

* "Dantotsu" means unique and unrivaled.

The ICT Bulldozer, which was introduced to North American markets in 2013, has received great reviews and has made the "ICT-Intensive Construction" possible. Since the machine automatically operates according to a pre-determined setting, the operator is then able to focus solely on controlling the vehicle position. Even at sites that are short-staffed on skilled operators, the construction work can safely continue.

The ultimate safety feature to be realized is the "Automatic Operational System." At some major mines in Australia and Chile, the Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) is in full-scale operation. This is the system where giant dump trucks automatically drive themselves, carrying over 300 tons of soil and minerals. Customers must pay most careful attention when they have several construction machinery and vehicles operating 24 hours in the harsh environment of mines. AHS is there to help with this process. The combination of the cutting edge technologies such as satellite communication and various radars and sensors creates a system that responds to the customer's diverse safety needs, and by continuing to work on further evolution of such safety systems, we are contributing to the realization of making our customers' on-site operational safety as it should be.

Example of Safety Activities

Improving Product Safety: Entire perimeter monitoring "Kom Vision"

To ensure safety in every direction from the driver's seat of the dump truck, a composite image of the perimeter is shown on the monitor. Contact and collision within blind spots is prevented by having a bird's eye view of the vehicle to check the surrounding area.

Improving Product Safety: Entire perimeter monitoring (Kom Vision)

ICT-Intensive Construction: Construction using the ICT Bulldozer

When working on sloped surfaces (like dikes and rice fields that have hardened at an angle), operators do not have to operate the working function of the machine, and instead can concentrate on moving the position of the vehicle. Foreseeing slips that occur due to carrying too much soil, the machine works with the optimal volume of soil for efficient construction, to help minimize the burden on the operator.

ICT-Intensive Construction: Construction using the ICT Bulldozer

Automatic Operation System: the Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)

Fully automated transportation is realized by operating and managing dump trucks with various ICT functions installed from a centralized control room. The dump truck uses GPS to communicate its position and drives itself according to the course and speed information transmitted from the control room.

Automatic Operation System: the Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)