Major Achievements and Mid-term Plans

See below about Komatsu's CSR themes, concrete initiatives of key business activities, and mid-range issues and targets of each theme.

CSR Themes and Key Business Activities Examples of Concrete Initiatives Mid-range Issues and Targets of These CSR Themes
1.Enhancing Quality of Life -Providing products required by society-
  • Providing products and services that contribute to infrastructure development and improve quality of life
  • Improving productivity, safety, and efficiency and enhancing energy conservation through the use of ICT
  • Improving environmental efficiency at operation sites and plants
Working for Society through Core Business
Growth strategies based on innovation (From Mid-range Management Plan)
Expansion of construction methods by using ICT Equipment
Reinforcement of product competitiveness of mining equipment and commercialization of AHS
JV start-up with GE to develop next-generation mining equipment
Increasing Product Safety with Innovation
Entire perimeter monitoring of dump truck "Kom Vision"
ICT-Intensive Construction using the ICT Bulldozer
Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)
Introducing Environmentally-friendly Products and Services
Environmental Action Plan
Environmental Management
Research and Development
Reducing the CO2 Emissions and Effective Utilization of Resources in Business Units
Taking Measures to Maintain Biodiversity at Business Units and Facilities
  • Reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle
Reducing CO2 Emissions in Logistics
Environmental Action Plan
Procurement and Logistics
Sales and After-sales Services
Promoting the "Reman" Business
Raising the Recyclability of Construction Equipment
  • Enhancing safety for customers, society, employees, and business partners
Increasing the Safety of Products and Workplace
Occupational health and safety
Increasing safety in workplace
Quality assurance system of products
Increasing Safety in Workplace
Eliminating accidents accompanied by lost worktime/fatal occupational injuries in the entire the Komatsu Group including the overseas subsidiaries.
2.Developing People
  • Contributing to human resource development in local communities
Contribution to Society through Human Resource Development
Offering the equipment service education in collaboration with the Myanmar government
Offering educational materials and education support for German elementary schools
Offering basic education for young people in South Africa
Developing vocational abilities useful to Indonesian industries
Science education for children in Komatsu-no-Mori
Contribution to Society through Human Resource Development
Reinforcement of the cooperation with business partners
Ongoing offering of education opportunity leading to employment in the fields related to construction equipment and manufacturing
  • Enhancing our employees and suppliers through The KOMATSU Way
The KOMATSU Way and Human Resource Development
Received the Demming Prize at Komatsu Shantui
Employee training/human development in distributors
Ongoing Practice of the KOMATSU Way
Developing experts who disseminate the KOMATSU Way (Overseas)
Deploying TQM in the overseas subsidiaries
  • Enhancing our employees and distributors through "Brand Management"
Brand Management Initiatives
Ongoing Practice of Brand Management
Ongoing activities (to broaden the base) inside/outside Japan
Reinforcement of Human Resource Development System mainly with the Distributor Human Resource Development Promotion Division
Promoting training according to the distributor needs/functional level
Preparing the training system for the distributors
Developing the in-house instructors
3.Growing with Society
  • Engaging in dialogues with our stakeholders
Communication/Dialogue with Our Stakeholders
Dialogue with our stakeholders
Holding the technology convention with the academic-industrial alliance partners
Communication with shareholders, local communities and employees
Communication with business partners
Ongoing Communication/Dialogue with Our Stakeholders
  • Providing social contributions through the use of our core technologies and resources
Disaster Relief
Clearing of anti-personnel landmines and provincial reconstruction project
Support in regard to the typhoon disaster that hit the Philippines
Ongoing support in regard to the Great East Japan Earthquake
Disaster Relief
Rapid support through core business(*) according to the situation in the disaster area (*: equipment, house, accompanying software, human resource development, etc.)
Ongoing of clearing of anti-personnel landmines/reconstruction support project in Cambodia and Angola
Ongoing support in regard to the Great East Japan Earthquake through core business (Maintenance/Enhancement of service system, Suggestion of ICT Construction)
  • Contributing to local communities where we do business
Contributing to our Local Communities
Contributing to our Local Communities in Chile
Support center for people with disabilities in Great Britain
Desert greening activities in China
Inviting Russian children to a hockey game
Supporting the lives of the minority people in Indonesia
Supporting The Flower Association of Japan
Contributing to our Local Communities
Ongoing efforts to provincial needs (Subsidiary)
Promotion of information sharing in the Group about global activities
  • Strengthening corporate governance and compliance
Governance and Legal Compliance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance (Data)
Efforts of Compliance
Using tools such as e-Learning to ensure that every person in the organization is very familiar with both Komatsu's Worldwide Code of Business Conduct and the Five Principles of Compliance.
Risk Management
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Training and Information Security Education in the head office, production base and subsidiaries
Conducting CR Audits
Risk Management
Enhancing BCP/information security system throughout the Group
Improving the CR Audit Technique/Increasing the operation Level
  • Promoting compliance with environmental, labor, and social norms within our group and among business partners
CSR Procurement
Together with Business Partners
Reducing CO2 emissions in business partners
CSR Procurement
Ongoing CSR Awareness Campaign to our business partners
Activating Overseas Komatsu Midori-kai Organization