CSR Reporting

This page will give you comprehensive information on Komatsu’s CSR activities.
We disclose an "Environmental Report“ and “Komatsu Report” as well as a shorter e-book, called "CSR Digest", which is created based on the content of these reports.

■CSR Report 2014

Articles with are linked to the KOMATSU REPORT, are linked to the Environmental Report.

CSR Theme 1 Enhancing Quality of Life

■Editorial Policy

  • These reports principally cover data for the period from April,2013 to the end of March 2014, with some non-periodic information on continuing efforts.
  • Date of most recent previous report is July 10, 2013. We disclose these reports every July and next issue will be published in July, 2015.
  • Please send us any questions regarding our reports using this form.
  • These reports contain Standard Disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. You can see a list of the Standard Disclosures and their location in our report here.
  • Komatsu has received an independent practitioner’s review on important quantitative data in environmental reporting. Please see here.