Report for Komatsu's Environmental and CSR Activities 2013

Since 2013, KOMATSU has disclosed the "KOMATSU REPORT" as the comprehensive report which includes CSR related information in addition to the Annual Report.
Also as a specialized report regarding environmental information, we disclose an "Environmental Report" as well as a shorter booklet, called the "Komatsu CSR Digest", which is created based on the content of these reports.



CSR Digest 2013 ( PDF)


Environmental Report

KOMATSU REPORT   CSR Digest   Environmental Report
(Click the graphic above for the link to IR website's "KOMATSU REPORT")   (Click the graphic above for the link to PDF of "CSR Digest")    

CSR Prioritized Areas List of Articles (Activities Report FY 2013)

As part of the latest CSR activities report, the following is a list organized by prioritized areas such as relationship to management, which includes the KOMATSU REPORT, Environmental Report, and information disclosed on the CSR website.

Articles with are linked to the KOMATSU REPORT, are linked to the Environmental Report.

CSR Theme 1 Enhancing Quality of Life