Overview of Health and Safety System

Komatsu formulates health and safety policies based on the message from the president and disseminates it throughout the group. We address occupational safety and work on mental and physical healthcare to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

Message from the President Concerning Occupational Safety and Health

(1) The Komatsu Group shall, first of all, strive to "ensure a safe and comfortable work environment" and "maintain and promote employee health."

(2) The Komatsu Group shall promote "proactive occupational safety and health activities" in order for all employees to achieve the above conditions by working together as one team.

(3) Each and every person in a senior management position of the Komatsu Group shall acknowledge the above two matters as top priority tasks and shall take the initiative in demonstrating the execution of daily duties accordingly.

In April 1, 2011, the company formulated an occupational safety and health guideline: "All Komatsu Group companies, together with all top managers and employees, shall promote occupational safety and health activities, so that employees can work in a safe and comfortable work environment in accordance with the policies described below."

●Occupational Safety and Health Policies

(1)Observe the laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health as well as internal rules, key items common to Komatsu Group about occupational safety and health, and particularly items agreed as a result of labor-management consultations in each workplace.

(2) Set up targets for activities based on occupational safety and health policies, review their progress, and endeavor to continuously improve and enhance occupational safety and health activities.

(3) Carry out occupational safety and health activities in management-and-labor partnership on full participation basis and keep good communication with stakeholders with regard to occupational safety and health.

(4) Identify and evaluate the risk for occupational safety and health of a workplace and take appropriate actions accordingly.

(5) Actively promote employees' healthcare management and support the maintenance and promotion of employees' health.

(6) Actively promote education, training and qualification acquisition necessary for employees' occupational safety and health activities, and endeavor to develop human resources for safely carrying out their responsibilities in workplace.

(7) Subject to appropriate protection of personal information, publicly offer the knowledge and information about occupational safety and health activities obtained through the business activities in order to secure safety and health in society.

Excerpted from "Komatsu's Code of Worldwide Business Conduct"

Overview of Health and Safety System

The Komatsu Group enforces strict compliance of health and safety management through the following system structure.



Meeting Committee Structure

Meeting Committee Structure01 · Aimed to enhance and stimulate the employee awareness of health and safety management. For seeking superb health and safety activities throughout group companies, sharing information and incorporating the activities into its other divisions in addition to administering presidential awards involving health and safety.
Meeting Committee Structure02 · For labor and management to cooperate in examining, debating, and deciding measures for the basis of preventing hazards or health risks.
 Formulating regulations concerning health and safety.
 Examining, debating, and deciding activity policies of the fiscal year, in addition to managing the progress of those activities. Etc.
Meeting Committee Structure03 · For discussing and sharing on information on activities to be implemented globally, and colligating them to activities of various overseas subsidiaries.
Meeting Committee Structure04 · For formulating and proposing company-wide safety activities.
· For the purpose of implementing and expanding activities in business sites based on company policy.
Meeting Committee Structure05 ·For formulating and implementing company-wide health and safety management policies.
· The overall supervision of health management activities throughout various business sites.
Meeting Committee Structure06 ·Business owners and employees (representative: union) in addition to the Health Insurance Society, affirm a common recognition of "Health" and formulate enforcements and policies intended for enhancing health maintenance of employees and their families.

Health and Safety Activities

(1) Enhancement of management level by implementing the Labor Health and Safety Management System

(2) Elimination of disaster elements by Risk Assessment

(3) Stimulating voluntary improvement activities through small-group "Zero Accidents"

(4) Hazard simulation training at the "Safety Training Hall"

(5) Enhancing the quintessential safety of equipment

(6) Building physical health (health supervision for preventing diseases related to lifestyle, support for smokers who would like to quit, etc.)

(7) Attaining mental health (diagnosing stress, implementing activities to improve work environment, mental health training, establishing consultation services in and outside of company, support for work recovery)

(8) Improvement and maintenance to adequate working conditions

(9) Prevention of second-hand smoking

(10) Global and group-wide activity support towards overseas subsidiaries and business partners in the supply chain in Japan.

Incidence Rate of Occupational Accidents (Frequency Rate of Lost Worktime)

Incidence Rate of Occupational Accidents