The KOMATSU Way is a statement of values that all workers in the Komatsu Group, including those at every level of management, should pass down in a lasting way at their workplaces and worksites. By holding these values in common, the Group can build global teamwork that transcends nationalities and generations to amass and fortify the Komatsu Group's "workplace (genba) capabilities"— the dynamism of all workers and the entire organization, plus the ability to improve their own workplaces and worksites. This in turn further enhances Quality and Reliability, heightening the trust given to the Group by society and all stakeholders.

Disseminating The KOMATSU Way and Developing Human Resources

The Komatsu Group has been disseminating The KOMATSU Way and incorporating it into human resources development in each Group company around the world, with The KOMATSU Way Comprehensive Learning Center spearheading these activities.

To deepen employee consideration and cultivate a better understanding of The KOMATSU Way at each level of the company hierarchy, regular sessions are convened at Group companies for deployment, guidance and group debate on the topic Through explanations of this way of thinking and having employees relate stories of their own experiences, communication between employee generations is stimulated, to allow this knowledge to be handed down and made part of the younger generation. In addition, this information is made available on the global portal site for Group employees around the world to view.

The KOMATSU Way is based on the corporate strengths that Komatsu Ltd., a Japanese company, has cultivated over time. To promote The KOMATSU Way at Group companies outside Japan and help this foundation take root, Komatsu makes The KOMATSU Way easy to understand and relevant to local conditions, while being mindful of the differences among customs and cultures. In 2011, Komatsu will distribute a revised edition of The KOMATSU Way to all Group employees, with the goal of further promoting the Way. This edition adds the established values and way of thinking of each country's Group affiliate, together with Komatsu's approach to Brand Management (always be the preferred partner for our customers).

To strengthen the ability of employees worldwide to improve their performance, the Komatsu Group uses Total Quality Management (TQM), cultivated within the Group over the years, along with education and training to raise the level of professional capabilities, such as specific technological or specialist skills and managerial ability. Debriefing sessions are held at each employee rank, with participants reporting on the skills they have improved and receiving practical guidance. Such sessions help employees more fully acquire knowledge and skills from their education and training and help them utilize these newly acquired skills during operations. In this way, the Group continues to promote the enhancement of the individual abilities of the employee, as well as their ability to organize and integrate through teamwork. This results in a corporate structure capable of responding rapidly to changes in the operational environment.