Human Resources Management System

Enhancing the Quality and Reliability of Employees

For a business, it is said that people, goods, money, information, and time are valuable assets and resources. Even if the other elements remain constant, if "people" change, the results will be different.

Thus, people—the employees of Komatsu Group companies— are an irreplaceable asset for the Group. Komatsu recognizes the role of the personnel system in enhancing the quality and reliability of the company's human resources. It therefore endeavors to foster a work environment with opportunities for challenges and creativity. The company works to maximize the sum of trust given to it by its employees.

Komatsu's Initiatives

Personnel System that Accurately Reflects Employee Abilities and Achievements

Personnel systems in Japan are typically based on the assumption that employees will work for a single company for many years. Therefore, when designing a system, a company must keep in mind the degree to which continuous employment should be considered. Komatsu believes that personnel systems emphasizing length of service do not necessarily reflect employees' abilities and achievements fairly. Instead, Komatsu has always strived to accurately evaluate the performance of employees as individuals, incorporating employees' achievements and abilities into its personnel system as the basis for fair evaluations.

Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

For a company to create a workplace environment where employees can work without undue worries, it must treat employees fairly. As described above, Komatsu's personnel system now takes into account employee abilities and achievement. Therefore, our challenge is to ensure that employee evaluations are fair and appropriate for each employee. For this purpose, in April 2004 the company organized refresher training for all managers on how to conduct evaluations. Since then, evaluation training has been given to newly appointed managers, backed by e-Learning based follow-up education. An evaluation committee has been established jointly with the labor union at each business unit to confirm that evaluations are conducted properly. Komatsu has provided individual feedback on evaluations to managers since 1998 and to non-managerial employees since 2001. The company has also set up a consultation office through which employees can express complaints and concerns.