Overview of Health and Safety System

Overview of Health and Safety System

The Komatsu Group strives to thoroughly implement health and safety using the following system.

Overview of Health and Safety System

  Komatsu Head Office Group companies and Komatsu divisions
Organization ●Safety and Health Administration Department
● Health Promotion Center
● Human Resources Department
● Business unit managers, division heads, managers in charge of general affairs and human resources, industrial health medical advisers, industrial health care staff, managers/staff in charge of health and safety, employees
Meetings ● Group Health and Safety Committee
● Group Safety Supervisor Meeting
● Group Safety and Health Conference
● Health and Safety Committee

Health Care

Physical Health Care

Komatsu has been providing health checks for lifestyle-related diseases and using computer-based diagnostic interviews to enhance prevention of these diseases.

   Since FY2008, the company has been working to improve the health of employees by delivering health-related guidance in cooperation with its health insurance association; giving health awareness education through the use of external specialized institutions: and holding seminars on the health hazards of smoking, as well as antismoking campaigns.

Mental Health Care

Over the years, Komatsu has introduced mental health education and awareness-raising programs, while also providing counseling by mental health professionals and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP makes use of external specialized institutions to advise employees and their families throughout the Komatsu Group on matters of mental health.

Since FY2009, Komatsu has been revamping the EAP system, launching the Komatsu Health Consultation Hotline to provide comprehensive support by unifying physical and mental health care services.

   In addition, the company has provided employees with the "Stress diagnosis" and "Stress Learning" mental health care programs every year since FY2007, to help in the self-recognition and self-care of stress. As of late, almost all the employees have taken part in the programs.

In FY2009, Komatsu began utilizing the results of stress diagnoses to further improve the work environment and reduce stress factors in the workplace, and ultimately to promote mental health.